how individualistic life and symbiotic life come together?

Love yourself!

No no... Don’t roll your eyes around, there’s something else stored in here in this article. Relax! Brace it.

How many of you have been drummed near your ears about this 2 words sentence?

I’m sure many have endured this. After all, it’s the license of one being matured enough, precisely experienced enough, and then to make this line inculcate, in others as well. Say it be for our academics, our social life, a better life, and so on. But it’s not a cup of tea for many, as it becomes difficult for many to adjust to that phase as one suddenly falls in this pit of life.

Let me tell you something. Listen up!

Well, I’m over here to just squeeze out some of my colors in my brain cells on this topic and ink it in here. Just go along with me step by step.

The sticky notes, pinned on my experience chart in the back of my brain, have made quite some changes in my color of life and I’m sure many have such charts in their back of their brain. I’m just a voice to one of the combinations of those colors. Anyway, color combinations can be of various types as thoughts. Mine is just one of those. Hope you walk along with me for some minutes.

I’m coming up with 2 words – Individualistic life and symbiotic life. In my belief, I say that individualistic life as well as symbiotic life, both have equal rooms in our “home of life”. But as all say everything has a time. Life has already been lemony sour to everyone, so let’s stop playing with words and negotiate with them for a better understanding.  

Let me start with individualistic life. So what’s being individualistic? The “love yourself” phrase, or sentence for many, comes under this colony. People say love yourself, take care of yourself, and so on, however, no one tells us how to do it. Staying in solitary, which we basically mean by, is making yourself complete. If you’re hollow from within, how can you help another person to be full? Because within you don’t have anything to give. It’s basically working on your key parts of your life.  It’s not that you need to show anyone that you’re capable of doing things alone, that you’re good at everything, you’re perfect, no one can stop you and all toxic assumptions lingering in your mind. It’s about how you enhance yourself in the long run of life, how can you value yourself, how you feel proud of being you, being alive. It can be anything- say you love badminton, start a badminton training class; you want to look fit, hit the gym; or maybe you love to dance, join a dance academy. You should always say it’s you before anyone else. But I don’t deny that you might not confront any speed breakers; it might be a thing, a person, anything. Yes, you might. But people learn from experiences. No one is born smart or clever. They learn from mistakes and learning to pass those speed breakers is the ultimate game of life we need to play. You might get involved in pieces of stuff, knowingly or unknowingly, but keep the map of life handy as to see where you’re headed to and bounce back on track.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have some companions. A bit of hitchhiking while you are on your road of the game of life is always bliss, but remember to have a check on the map, looking where you guys are headed to. We can’t guarantee that whether the hitchhiker knows the road and deliberately taking you in the wrong way, or is unaware of where he/she is headed to himself/herself. These 2 are the most dangerous helpers you can come across. For situations like this, give a quick smile and get off the car and get ongoing where you were headed to.

But that doesn’t mean that all people out there are waiting to distract you. Then how the world is supposed to be running? So maybe you find some people who hold you along some rough paths or pull you out from the wrong ways. In the game of life, they are named as your “true friends”. It’s not important that you might find such a passerby, sometimes it’s all you present there. But if someone comes up to offer you a hand, why not take it and brush off the mud you were stuck in. But don’t cry over when you aren’t offered one. You always have permanent friends always beside you, your “family”. And that too doesn’t suit you, God’s out there ALWAYS. But never shrug off the good ones. It might be one, it might be 3 of them, but gems are gems, never lose them.

So now you have walked a long way, alone, or maybe with some nice companions, left many traitors, successful enough in your life, enhanced yourself by all ways one could have, full in your own self, but not complete - not perfect enough. Here comes a phase when you meet some people and that one becomes your partners of life. There’s no perfect time for getting the one so don’t rush at all. Stay calm. Observe and focus. Till then, keep walking, keep working on your life, after all this isn’t your ultimate goal of life, it's just a part, and he/she will meet you at some crossroads of life. Marriages after a certain age were obviously made for some reason. And when you are full from within, proud enough of yourself and your values in your life, and so is the other person, then only you can make each other complete. Parents, children, relatives, all will someday might start getting blurred but your partner will always be there to help you when you walk along the road of life together till the end. You help in completing each other, helping each other, being each other’s strength. You’re not dependant on them, they are your “better half”. This is called a symbiotic relationship. A mutually beneficial relationship between you and them. Conflicts may come up too, arguments may shower upon. After all, you both were traveling on 2 different roads with 2 different experiences and mindsets. So it’s obvious. It is difficult to mold. But as the time comes, understanding grows, and so does the bond. And everything starts falling back again.


Now that I’ve quite written my hypothesis on the game of life, tell me what your mind pops out to this?  

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