Happiness is the Eternal Quest of Man


We all want to be happy. Everybody wants to possess happiness. It is the aim and object of all human activities. Man's quest for happiness has been there since times immemorial. But very few people possess it. Different people have different ideas and concepts about happiness. Most of the people are really ignorant about the nature of happiness and the ways by which it can be obtained. What is then happiness? How can it be achieved?is it a reality or an illusion? How do happy people I've fallen and behaved? These are some of the basic questions often asked.


Many people mistake pleasure for happiness and are mad after them. They run after pleasures and are ready to make any sacrifice to obtain them. For these people, pleasure is the other name is happiness. But they are an illusion. Pleasures seek more pleasures and enjoyment which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction, a mad rush for materialistic possession, and endless and cut-throat competition. Means of pleasure, convenience, luxury, comfort etc.cannot make a man happy. In that case, the kings, princes, business tycoons, the rich, and the wealthy of the world would have been the happiest persons. But the reality is quite different. People often grow rich and the wealthy of the world would have been the happiest person. They deceive others, adopt dishonest means, and resort to such other means which are immoral, unfair, and anti-social. Then, how can they be happy? They are always afraid of income tax raids, of becoming poor and losing their wealth. Then why this saying, "unhappy lies the head that wears a crown".


Wealth is just a means and not an end in itself. But people have started regarding money and wealth as the end money can buy things, comforts, convenience, and services of others but never heath, character or happiness. It is a mistaken idea that riches and wealth ar a passport to happiness. Only the ignorant think that prosperous people are Happy. On the contrary the rich are miserable. They are most careworn people and do not enjoy peace of mind, rest, sleep, and contentment. There is no end to a wealthy person's greed. He always wants more and more and it makes him most unhappy and miserly.


It is said that we receive what we give. We cannot be happy if we don't share it with others. Happiness increases by sharing it with others. A happy person is one who believes in giving and sharing. Sorrows and sufferings are reduced by sharing them with friends, neighbors, and relations. The ancient Indian's idea of "Vasudeva Kutumbkam" is very significant in this context which simply means that the whole world is our family and we are all brothers. Not only this, but even birds and beasts are also our life and practice it. Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, non-violence in word, and action etc.are the essential elements of happiness. A life, however long and rich, can not be happy without these basic units. Be always useful to the family, society, and the nation to be happy. Never lose your usefulness and of sense of service to others. Service is a great purifier and ennobling agent.





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