Growing Distrust Between Police and Public

What is the duty of the police towards the nation at large? To brutally kill the people? To pass callous comments on victims when they need their help? Or they are supposed to serve the nation? Protect the innocent people from criminals? Indian police were designed during the British period to serve the empire. There wasn't any drastic change in a structure of police but with the passage of time, people started believing them, maintaining mutual understanding but when we delve into the matter that is happening from past few years and if the brutality of police continues then people won't be able to trust police ever again. Killing of George Floyd by Police officer in the USA is one of the instances of Police brutality. How the police had shown their callous attitude and promoted racial inequality.


If black men face racial inequality then who will help them? It is the unpalatable fact that the Police is itself engaged in crime. After this case, the department of police was dismantled and they restructured their entire department. But what actually happens in India? The abuse of power, fear of wrongful arrest coma sexual harassment coma custodial death is creating distrust between police and public but no satisfactory action is ever taken on time. The recent Vikas Dubey encounter is one of the examples. We would not delve into the matter of whether the encounter was fake or not? Whether the victim and their families are happy with the encounter or people are celebrating? But the point is Vikas Dubey was not arrested earlier because of political and police patronage and the death of eight Police was because of the police who gave information about the operation to Vikas Dubey. Albeit, Vikas Dubey died and people are celebrating it but what about the police who were engaged with him? Is justice served? That police were the hoodwinker and Is there any corroboration that they won't repeat such blatant action again?





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