Dreamers Create a World of Their Own


Albert Einstein was labeled a 'dunce' by his school teacher during his childhood. No one is their wildest dreams could have predicted that the young Einstein would go on to become the Father of Modern Physics. Why? It is because they didn't realize he was a dreamer and he dared to dream!


Many dreamers go on to become winners in their chosen fields. It is not because they do different things but because they do things differently perspective of the world. Dreamers are mind wanderers who seem to be lost in a world of their own. They become visionaries, poets, artists, actors, or great scientists but may not display their genius early own. Many people tend to misinterpret such children. Giving the right impetus is necessary to allow such children to reach their fullest potential.


For dreamers, it is not necessary that everything works on logic. They can be highly creative individuals. And creativity is essential for innovation. The biggest example is right in front of us. Such innovations happen mostly only in the Western nations which provide a more suitable environment for dreamers to give wings to their dreams. The success stories like Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, A.R. Rehman's musical genius, Steve job's innovative technology show that a true dreamer can win in spite of all odds!

So dreamers, dream! The world is waiting to see your dream world come true!





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