Depression: A Serious Issue not an illness

Only a soul that is suffering knows why it needs to be heard and understood. "How are you? I am fine." This is something we ask almost everyone we meet, but anyone of us at that moment is least concerned about the meaning and need of the statement. Mental health is something that needs more attention. I don't know why people don't talk about dealing with something inside us. Physical damages and injuries are easier to spot and are normal for people. It is pathetic to see how people reciprocate to mental illness, they are totally dismissive and ignorant about the same. In our country, people hardly pay any attention to the indications of depression or anxiety issues. People rather look at it as mood swings. Nobody knows how to fathom harmful this can actually be. In India, people barely know how to deal with serious mental issues.


It's not normal to hear in Indian houses one saying that he/she needs a therapist or a psychiatrist. Even one someone dares to say it, people laugh it out or label him as a crazy person. They hardly care about the real issue. We sit so close to one another, yet so engrossed in our own lives that we hardly care to know what the other person might be going through. And it can be serious too! There were several wakes up calls for us to understand this and to look out for people around us. We cannot help everyone who might be facing this, but even a small step towards change, care, and love can bring out many smiles and save lives. If a person loses his battles which he was constantly fighting in his head, for long, it's not him who has lost it, we as a society have failed. It's sad how everyone wakes up for a day and shares condolence for suicide when the very last day the same people were seen mocking and teasing people for their looks, body shape, and whatnot. It's never too late to realize that life is important. Always be polite and humble with everyone you meet. Everyone is fighting a battle.





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