Climate Change And Global Warming: The Battle Has Just Begun

For a few, climate change is nothing but all about the fuss. For a few, it is nothing but a never-ending debate. For a few, it begins with a blame game and ends with pin drop silence.  It seems that some scene from the futuristic sci-fi movies that depict how the world may end have struck to their mind. Alien invasions, Ice-age, global warming, A.I. overpowering humans, who care until we wake up amidst the actual doomsday?  

Ironically, un-thoughtful and relentless exploitation of Mother Nature’s resources by humans have begun reflecting the predictable repercussions. The desserts are witnessing floods, the glaciers are melting, sea-level is rising at an alarming speed and dense forests now stand bare. Endangered species are no more endangered as a majority of them have already bid final adieu. ‘Long live humans, we accept defeat at your hands’, perhaps must be the final thoughts of all those species that now rest in eternal peace.

Again who cares, there are still a lot of places to survive in this world. After all, being a nomad is embedded in our DNA. Well, only time will tell and bring forward how drastic climate change can be. Nevertheless, does that mean that we should continue to be self-centered by not being thoughtful about the next generation?

How would we face the upcoming generation that will open eyes amidst the chaos and constant apprehensions owing to unknown calamity? We all do acknowledge that every big achievement begins with a single step. Nobody can bring overnight change but we can continue to contribute a bit towards saving this planet for the sake of our consciousness. Now comes a million dollar question, what can be the easiest way to contribute towards saving our beautiful planet. Perhaps, saying no to plastics could be a brilliant idea to start with. It may not save giant whales across the earth that are dying out of galloping tons of plastics.

However, it may certainly save an innocent creature living in our vicinity or street that may be dying out of abdominal cramps triggered by the plastic consumptions. Government measures regarding the plastic ban will prove to be futile until we lend our utmost contribution.  We do not have many options left in front of us regarding dealing with this grave situation. We may either take a pledge against using plastics or we may continue singing lullaby until the doomsday arrives.

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