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A city is a place where life has become modern and comfortable and also mechanized. It is a huge habitation with brilliant life and lifestyle to be seen everywhere. For a correct assessment of city life, we have to look at both the pros and cons of city life, understand its advantages and disadvantages, and its merits and demerits.


People throng to a city basically for their employment i.e for a means for a living or earning. This of course is absolutely necessary for all human beings and a city offers more avenues and has greater potential for jobs and there are more job opportunities. It is for this main reason that people come and crowd the cities. This does pay as the city has more to offer for people of all categories. This is not available in smaller places or villages. No matter what the talents and capacities of individuals, all of them get absorbed in cities as it offers them all the power to sustain themselves.


Since every individual is busy looking for opportunities of livelihood there is bound to be in the city a tough competition for a job, for an examination or space or an office, or, as much as, even an area for begging, a city offers very keen competition for all no matter what they follow. This in turn results in the obvious tensions and hurry found in city life. In a city, if we watch for some time, the impression we get is that everyone is or at least seems to be running to his destination, lest, someone else reaches there before.


There is besides the tensions of city life, a lot of glamour in most of them. This glamour also has its own attraction for the people rushing to cities. Lifestyle becomes good as, there is plenty, the entertainment avenues are also in plenty. These avenues of entertainment and the light of glamour in cities have their charm and also their drawbacks. The city children try to ape the scenes they see around full of glamour and priceless enjoyment. Seeing all this when most of them grow to be bereft of most of this, they feel left out and frustrated.


one most attractive point of city life is that here we find multifaceted avenues of education, which is completely lacking in the small places. This gives the children a vast spectrum of choices of study to follow. No matter what each child in a city is fond of doing, he/she is sure to find a place where his/her avenue of studies in teaching. This is a great advantage to the children who are smarter and more exposed to the world, compared to their counterparts in villages.





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