A Tale Of Blood-Curdling Police | Violation Of Fundamental Right


The center for the study of developing societies (CSDS), disclosed the fact in 2019 the poor, minorities, and women tend to feel the fear and feel estranged from the police. If they feel in such a way then would they go to the Police for complaint? Is Police ready to help them? Are they getting the proper assistance and support from them? Mostly in rape cases, the police judge the victim and enjoy blood-crudling rape as if they are enjoying a movie. The victim is already suffering mentally and physically and the Police are investigating with her as if she is a porn star. She should be supported and encouraged that she come up and ask for justice because when she told the whole incident she felt the pain again. Most of the time the people fear the police because deep inside they know the police would not support them.


The thinking patterns are because of the real incidents which happened in the past. Another tale of Police brutality in Tamil Nadu is the reason why the people distrust Police. Two men, father-son duo died in custody because their mobile shop was open on June 19 during the lockdown. When they were in custody the police didn't allow their lawyer to go inside the Police station but he could hear their distressing wails. When he managed to go inside the Police station, he found them naked and was lying in a pool of blood. The obnoxious thing was that they were bleeding profusely from their rectums. When they were hospitalized the police asked the doctor to provide a certificate that they were healthy and fit in custody. The action of the police was blatant and a family lost their two men, and what they got in return? This is the violation of fundamental Right guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India which reads as No person shall be deprived of his life and personal liberty except procedure established by the law.





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