An Autobiography of a Old Mirror

I was born in a glass factory a few years ago. Certain chemicals were poured on my back and I was transformed into a mirror. There was a strange shine about me, and /I felt certain I was really special. Suddenly, one day, many of us were placed carefully in a truck and sent off to a dealer in a noisy, busy city.


We were all placed on a stand in a shop. Then a young boy spread some foul-smelling liquid on us and rubbed us till we ached and hurt. Yet he looked happy as he stared at himself over and over again, looking into us, and smiling. Obviously he liked what he saw. I reached the conclusion that there was something in me that made some people smile and some look terrible.


Then one day, a lady with grey hair and a king's gentle face arrived. She chose me from the pile, and her driver put me carefully on the front seat of the car. We reached a huge house with lovely gardens. I was carried with utmost care to a room filled with roses, then fixed on to a shiny ebony dressing table. Within minutes, many children appeared, and a young girl came forward snf felt my frame.


She hugged the grey-haired kady, snf I knew this was to be my permanent home.

I am very happy and am treated very well. The girl, who is my mistress, looks into me many times during the day. I am regularly polished and I stand proud and erect, serving her while she grows prettier each day.




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