Are you aware about all the reasons behind Unemployment in India?

Did you hear about Harshit, Mrs. Sharma?" "Yes, I feel disgusted." " I can't even believe he has suicided." "Why did he even do that?" "Because he couldn't get a job even though he tried for more than a year. It might have been tough for him to tackle all the stress.” "But wasn't he the topper of his batch?" Unemployment is a major issue that the Indian society is forced to cater these days. India is the largest producer of engineers, management graduates, and technically qualified staffs. But are everyone among the bunch employed? No. Let’s consider the example of engineers which is the most discussed unemployment example in India. Every year around 15 lakh engineers are graduated from various colleges, government or private, situated in all the corners of the country. But, only a few have “employability skills”.


Unfortunately, in the Indian education system, there is a massive gap between what is being taught and what is required to be taught. The gap needs to be bridged asap for a positive shift in the current scenario. Job availability is static. On the other hand, the manpower supply is increasing every year, so much that today, manpower supply is 15 manifolds that of the actual demand. This causes unemployment. The demand and supply need to be at par which, because of the population, can never be. More and more private institutions crop up every day. Most of them lack the skills to educate and quality in knowledge to impart the students. This directly implies that the skills that are demanded by the companies are lacked by the students. In the race to fetch money and profits out of education, the quality education is being lagged behind. And the companies will obviously select the skilled creamy layer of students out of the lot. The problem also arises when a typical Indian family wants their children to go for three basic job profiles- an engineer, doctor or in the worst situation an MBA. The parents need to understand that there are a pool of opportunities in today’s era and their child can pursue any of it if he excels in it. Engineering, doctors, and MBA are just among the few in the pool. A student must have interdisciplinary skills to fight the tough competition today. He must not restrict himself to just one sphere but explore different skills to add in his cap. After all, in order to get a job, he must stand different among the crowd. A student must dig inside himself to explore which subject interests him the most instead of following the herd. He’ll only be able to excel in the subject he has chosen is of his own interest and not enforced into him. Instead of blaming the government about every little thing, we must understand the background behind the vicious circle of unemployment. The other latent steps that are leading to unemployment must be considered as well. Being dependent on the government won’t do any good. We need to accept the fact that the world is competitive and we need to advance as the world does.

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