Are you always a victim?

As human we can become very defensive on our actions or our words. We would rather be victims than take responsibilities. We tend to blame everyone else except ourselves. We see others as the cause of what happens to us or rather have influenced us in doing or saying something.


Having the habit of blaming others about everything will eventually make you develop a dependence on everything in your life. It can make you powerless. You won’t be able to make your own decisions as you will be scared to take any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

At some point in life you will have to make decisions and that strength need to be developed over time. If you keep blaming others all the time you won’t be able to do this. You don’t know where life can take you. You might be a father, mother or a leader one day and your decision will be needed.

If you do something wrong you need to acknowledge it and take responsibility for that. Admitting that you are wrong doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you have a great sense of humor and brave enough to acceot that you are wrong.

Children learn from seeing what the adults are doing, so if we want them to develop this character we should show them by practicing and they will have no problem in adopting from a young age.

Also if you want to have a healthy successful life you have to stop being a blamer. It will give you a sense that you are capable of acquiring changes, learn and grow so as you can become better. Blaming other people will make you stuck in the past and on “The What ifs”

You can go around blaming people on what happened in your life; and I know there are unexplainable things that people can experience and it’s not their fault. They can be very painful and hurtful. But you still have to try and live your life. The fact that you are still here it proves that God isn’t done with you yet and the world still needs you. Don’t let that person or that situation which caused you pain to control and define your life. Its not easy but trust me, if you give yourself a chance, you will be amazed of how strong you are.

This also goes on blaming yourself too. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves and we blame ourselves on things that we couldn’t even control. This can lead into loosing hope and giving up. You have to reach a point and decide that you are human, you make mistakes and you are capable of being better. Give yourself a chance to develop and evolve.


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