2020- The Year Of Opportunities and Threats


Coming back to the topic, A year of opportunities or threat. This year is most likely referred to as one of the most terrifying years in the history of India. No one knew that one outbreak could bring so many changes within seconds. ‘2020’ a year of opportunities for some and of threat for some. It all started after the Covid-19 outbreak in the month of March with locking down of India for twenty-one days to prevent the spread of the virus which lead to six months of lockdown in India.


In these six months, there were tremendous changes that took place as a whole. It not only had affected the people but also the economy of the country. Wondering how did we still manage to keep up the progress in the growth and development of the economy, that’s what we Indians do.


Opportunities or threats would not make any difference only if one tries to help each other at this time. When we talk about opportunities during this pandemic, the education system has provided different means of communication for the healthy development of children around the world. India has encouraged digital education during this pandemic to provide education to every single person around the country. Digital courses have encouraged students to participate and to keep themselves engaged for better mental health.


Now talking about threats, depression has been a major problem in quarantine. We all have heard as well as read so many articles about people facing depression because of losing their jobs or staying home in an unhealthy environment which affected mental health. In the country of seven billion people, thirty percent of them do not have a proper job which had an impact on the economy because it caused an increase in the percentage of unemployment.


Coming back to opportunities, we all were reunited with our families. Because of our busy schedule, we barely had time for our families and ourselves. Quarantine gave us an opportunity to take some time for ourselves and for our family so that we could catch up in life.  But as you know everything has its pros and cons so even quarantine had its own pros and cons.  If we see not everyone has a proper family and spending time alone in spite of having a family leads to the consumption of unhealthy practices which is not suitable for a person and which can lead to serious issues in the future.


Crime rates have tremendously increased in India. The reason this year is termed as a ‘the worst year’ is because no one had ever imagined that something this bad could happen and change our lives forever. Covid-19 is termed as an airborne disease that stays up-to eight hours on the surface. Once the unlocking of India is done, people believe that our lives are going to be the same as before but we all are highly mistaken. Things can never be the same as they were before because people would be more health-conscious for maintaining their safety against the virus


I conclude my essay by saying that personally this year has been full of devasted rules and bright opportunities. Sooner or later it would definitely get better with time and it would change for the best. Not everyone is having a great year this time but we all can also make the best out of the worst.




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