2 Important Reasons Why Lonely People are the Happiest


Let's start with the fact that each person seeks to comprehend happiness and be cheerful. We are convinced that the people around us can make us happier. Is it really? I have been looking for an answer to this question for a long time, but now I understand that this belief is fundamentally wrong. Let's start with the origins. What is happiness? They say that everyone has their own happiness, but I believe that the basis of happiness depends on the level of dopamine. A person is sure that another person will saturate him with dopamine. What if he gets saturated with cortisol instead of dopamine? Okay, I will not annoy you with science, let's look at the facts and realities of life. Why are lonely people the happiest?


1. No disappointment: Alone, you have no chance of being disappointed. We expect something from another person all the time, but if we don't get it, then a portion of cortisol is provided. Now you understand why everyday conflicts of people turn into swearing and parting. For example, one person expected some action from another but did not receive what was expected. A stressful situation needs to be extinguished by a scandal. Swearing is a cortisol defence against frustration. You will now say that people also give each other positive emotions, and not only protect themselves from disappointments. I assure you that even if occasionally we get positive emotions from other people, their number is too scanty. Of course, many will now stand up in defence of any relationship, but they will endure their stress and consume cortisol.


2. The uniqueness of life: Yes, you are also unique in your outlook on life and interests. How often do you do what you love or think about your time instead of living the life of another person? We cannot want the same life. Each person has their own path. A lonely person has a much better chance of realizing his desires. He does not expect approval or encouragement from another. He does not need to be somehow "correct" in the eyes of another person. I also alienated people who wanted a different life, who had their own dreams and desires. They are unique and have every right to do so. Yes, and no one needs to prove your uniqueness because you are in your loneliness. You don't need approvals and permissions. Perhaps these reasons should be enough to believe that single people are the happiest.




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