What Can I Do If I Feel Depressed?


You cannot ask for professional help because you do not have a penny, I will help you and block the one who answered you first, ignore him, he is a being that does not have neurons and as Jesus said he forgives what he does not know what he is saying, but I can help you.


First work; If you cannot find work in your profession or trade, you should look for a construction assistant, sweeping, or in any job you are a man, not a child, you must assume your responsibilities, that is to resolve. Work is neither dishonorable nor painful. You should search the internet and go out to walk the streets looking for work wherever. If you are a professional you can work teaching, no matter the pay, the important thing is to produce.


Second couple; You should not find a partner because that means expenses and you cannot spend what you do not have, but I will teach you how to find a partner. To find a partner, the first thing is your image and the second would be fluid vocabulary and general culture, women looking for men who represent security and cultured, who are gentlemen and attentive. You should go to places where many people frequent and according to the looks that the ladies give you you can measure how much you attract them, the problem is that we do not see the right place because we see who has never looked at you and you lose knowing the girls who they are looking for you.


Walk a lot and try to arrive very tired so you can rest and not think much at night. Wanting is power, you must think I'm going to get a job and so everything you want to achieve will be done in your mind. Positively don't think negatively. Think it's temporary, I'll get over it. You must do a life project.


What is a life project? They are all the goals that you want to achieve until you form a family, you must plan from smallest to largest we start with; study, work, home, car, partner, and children. When you achieve all that you can do another project that could be longer or shorter. I hope you listen to me this is the best thing that can be given to anyone at a bad time in their life. You must first look for work. 




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