Periods Problems Up 25% Due to Lockdown Stress

If you are a woman and have been facing irregular periods since the pandemic started, you are not alone. Doctors report a spike of 20-25% in the number of patients coming to them with irregular periods. Stress and overeating are the culprits behind the trend.


"A normal cycle can be between 20-35 days. Any cycle that's 10 days more or less is irregular. The pandemic has been a provocative factor. Women are more stressed, they are binge-eating, leading to weight gain, which then results in complications," said Dr. Lavanya Kiran, a gynecologist at Narayana Health City, Bengaluru. She has seen an uptick of 25% in the number of such cases.


Some women even went to doctors, from that 95% of women were suffering due to stress and due to diet, but 5% they have some other reasons.

For women from economically weaker sections, the unavailability of healthcare has made things worse.




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