What will the Kamalnath government of Madhya Pradesh fall?


The biggest question that is in the mind of common people in Madhya Pradesh is that whether the Kamalnath government will remain in the state or it will fall. The BJP government, which has been ruling power for 15 years in Madhya Pradesh, ends after the December 2018 assembly election. But the clear majority Congress did not get even. In the Madhya Pradesh assembly with 230 assembly seats, the Congress has 114 and BJP has 109 MLAs. With the help of two and four Independent candidates of Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Congress secured support for 121 members. After this, Kamal Nath took over power in the state. But after the Lok Sabha elections, the party's position has weakened. In the Lok Sabha elections in the state, the Congress party won a single seat of Chhindwara. State Congress President's post Big Junkies in Jyotiraditya Scindia Gunna, Digvijay Singh in Bhopal, Ajay Singh Sidhi and Arun Yadav lost in Khandwa. At this time in the state, Kamal Nath is also holding the post of state Congress chief with the Chief Minister. 



A section of the Congress affiliated to Jyotiraditya Siddhiya is demanding that Kamal Nath should quit the post of president and the party's command be handed over to Scindia. But Kamal Nath will try to get this post if he leaves it, then meet some close person or trusted person. People are not convinced about how this situation has happened to the party which has formed the government six months ago. On the other hand, the independents supporting the Kamal Nath government and members of the other party have started making pressure so that they can also get the minister's post. On the other hand, BJP leaders are continuously heating the political atmosphere of the state with their statements. Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who is constantly vocal after becoming a Congress government in the state, said that BJP does not do politics of break-break. But the Congress will fall on its own due to its karmoos. The opinions of political analysts who have closely watched the politics of Madhya Pradesh vary with the Kamal Nath government.



Girija Shankar says, "It is difficult to say that the government will survive but at this point there is a kind of uncertainty in the state." "One advantage of this election is that of the pressure group inside the Congress like Digvijay Singh, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ajay Singh and Arun Yadav have lost all the elections. Now they are free from internal pressure, but on the other hand The other pressure has come from the legislators, if you want a place in power supporting the party, the same party's MLAs have their own demands. " Congress Legislature Party Meeting Rather, it is believed that the problems of Kamal Nath are more in the party. The government may want to fall or fall, but in this fear, the pressure of politics will become politics within the party.



Kamal Nath will have to face this pressure all the time. Before the election results, Chief Minister Kamal Nath has alleged that BJP has offered money and post to 10 legislators of Congress. But despite all this, they have complete faith in their MLAs. At the same time, in the Congress Legislature Party meeting organized after the results of the Lok Sabha elections, Kamal Nath warned the legislators that this government is being told in a minority and it is being said to be unstable. He said that a campaign is being run by making false information based on the social media. It is necessary that they be cautious and warn others.



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