Uses Of Jute

Jute could be a quiet fiber. It's obtained from the bark of jute plants. It grows up straight to the peak varied from right to 10 cubits. The barks and leaves of jute square measure light-weight and inexperienced in color. The plant has no branches and skinny leaves grow on its stem. The stemmas lined with thick bark. The simplest quality of jute is like silk.


Where grown: Bangladesh is that the storehouse of jute. It grows nearly altogether the districts of Bangladesh. It grows fine in Mymensingh. Third, if the jute production solely grows in Mymensingh. It conjointly grows in Rajshahi, Bogra, Rangpur, Pabna, Comilla, Dhaka, Faridpur, Tangail, and different places of Bangladesh. Bangladesh holds the monopoly within the world jute trade. 


Its cultivation: Jute grows in low land. Jute conjointly grows in the Republic of India, Burma, Japan, etc. the jute cultivation needs arduous labor, a very long time, and far patience and care. Initially, the land is plowed fine. It's leveled once more and once more then it becomes powdery. Then it's manured within the months of Falgun and Chaitra. The jute plants grow among per week. Then the weeds square measure removed and also the soil is formed loose with hoes. Sometimes, jute plants square measure force out for thickness. when four to 5 months plants grow into their full size. Then they curtail and pledged into bundles. These square measure unbroken underneath water for a few days and that they square measure rotten. Then the barks square measure separated, washed, and dried within the sun. The fiber is then prepared purchasable within the market.


Usefulness: Jute is an incredibly helpful factor. It makes the simplest and least expensive packing materials that are termed bagging bags. Besides these mats, ropes coarse cloths, shawls, tarpaulins square measure the product of it. Its stalks square measure used as fuel and in creating fencing. The inexperienced leaves square measure consumed as vegetables. Narayangonj is that the chief of jute Business in Bangladesh. it's known as the Dundy of Bangladesh.


Conclusion: Jute is that the main harvest of our country. Our economy depends only on that. The government ought to install additional jute mills in our country.



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