Types of Stalkers That May Be Around You


Stalking and stalker are terms that are widely used in today's digital era. In Indonesia, the term stalker is more closely related to people who find out, follow, or monitor someone's activities (usually-lover) on social media.

You could say the term stalker that is commonly used on social media today does not have a negative connotation. Whereas in the real sense, the stalker has a worse connotation and is not just dabbling in social media.


Definition of stalker

Reporting to the New South Wales Police Department, Australia, stalking is a crime that is included installer and personal. stalking or stalking. Reporting to the New South Wales Police Department, Australia, stalking is a crime that is included in domestic violence and personal. Stalking involves a series of behaviors, repeated actions to maintain contact, and/or attempts to dominate and control others. The victim may experience distress, loss of control, fear, or irritation on more than one occasion. Stalking can also be a threat or stalking can also be a threat or sexual innuendo which a stalker does to intimidate or scare off the victim. This action is carried out secretly so it is not uncommon for victims of stalking to realize only after they have identified a pattern of strange or suspicious events that have occurred repeatedly, such as:

* Call from someone you don't know

* Messages conveyed via social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

* Notes left on victim's car

* Strange or unwanted gifts at home

* Realizes that he is being followed by other people

* Constantly being noticed or given gestures by other people.


Types of stalkers

Reporting from Psychology Today, Dr. Ronald M. Holmes, a professor of criminology, explains that there are various types of stalkers based on their motives. Here are the types.


1. Domestic

The target of the domestic stalker husband/wife or lover. This is the most common type of stalking and can harm innocent people.


2. Lust

This type of stalker is a chain predator that stalks its victims. Rapists and serial killers can start with this type of stalker.


3. Rejection of love

This type of stalker comes from an acquaintance of the victim who wants to have an intimate relationship, however experiencing rejection. A stalker with a love-refusal motive also has a subtype, that of a person with erotomanic delusional disorder, in which he believes that his target loves him very much.


4. Celebrities

Stalking celebrities usually stalking the artists they admire. This case is usually covered by the media.


5. Politics

This type of stalker is motivated by political beliefs, either as a support or against its victims.


6. Contract killer

Assassins can also be categorized as stalkers because they usually stalk their victims before committing a murder.


7. Revenge

Dale Hartley, professor of the University of West Virginia, add any kind of stalker revenge, the stalker who do stalking to dorevenge. This stalker can be co-workers, neighbors, or people around the victim.





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