Top things to do in Czech Republic!

Are you someone who is planning a holiday trip to the Czech Republic but have no clue what to do or where to go? Don't worry pal! We are here for you. We are listing some of the most important things you dare not miss out while having the time of your life at this beautiful place which has its own unique history.


Český Krumlov

Considered as one of the most attractive towns in the country and also declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. It's 750 years old and has been built with a fusion of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Walking throughout this town is quiet easy as the streets are small which makes it tourist friendly. It definitely is a small town but you can do alot over here, it roughly takes 30 minutes to go from one part of the town to the other. If you are someone who loves to adore architecture and loves to walk around then this cute little town should definitely go in your 'to-do list’ for Czech Republic. Just bring a camera and you won't be disappointed at all!


Dancing House, Prague

“Fred and Ginger”, a nickname given to Prague’s most remarkably significant landmark, The National Nederladen Building. It is specifically famous for its unique architecture and is a home for a gallery, a restaurant, many office premises and also a conference center. What makes it different is the amazing terrace which gives you a completely beautiful look of Prague which is quite breathtaking. If you love art then the gallery is 'the’ place for you as it provides a platform for youngsters, which means you can get a sense of the fresh talent Czech Republic has to offer. 


Konopiste Chateau

This late 13th century, Gothic styled castle has been home to many famous historic leaders. An astonishing example of medieval fortification architecture which was influenced by the French, it was found in 1300 by the Benesovec family. It has been said that the interior is way more impressive than the exterior. So, if you are someone who loves the vibe of castles and just loves to wander around and appreciate the beauty of historic destinations, then you should definitely visit this castle.


Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora

Ever heard a church being called “the church of bones”? Quiet unusual right? Well, Sedlec Ossuary is a chapel which is considered as the weirdest of them all. From the outside, you'll think it's just another usual small church with nothing different. But wait till you see what's inside. As you enter the chapel, you see 40,000 human skeleton hanging inside the church. Which, no doubt, makes it a part of the most 'unique’ churches of Czech republic. The center of attraction is the artistic chandelier hung in the church. Artistic, because it is made up of human bones and it contains at least one of every human bone.


Šumava National Park

Also known as the Green roof of Europe, Šumava National Park offers quite a harmonious landscape. Being among the few places in Central European which does so. The Park provides you many fun activities such as hiking, swimming, walking etc. Even if you just want to sit there and adore the nature, you can do that too. As nothing is more peaceful than that. 


Old Time Square, Prague

A remarkable part of the historic Prague, it is considered as the most astonishing monument. It is a property dominated by the Baroque Church, of St. Nicholas. As you enter the place, you'll find that there are memorial stones marking the execution of 27 Czech lords in the year, 1621. And you'll find it at the pavement of the square. It is the most beautiful and famous square in Prague, with an astonishing world famous astronomical clock.


Lysa Hora

This is not just among the highest mountain in the country but also a heaviest rain receiver throughout the year. For winters, it is open for skiing as there is a small ski resort on the mountain. And for summers it is open for hiking for all the tourists. If you are lucky, you can get to witness various sports competitions as they are held here regularly. Interestingly, Lysa hora means Bald mountain. So the maine reason behind naming this mountain Lysa Hora was because it has no trees. 


St. Barbara Church

Commonly known as Cathedral of St. Barbara. As this Roman Church is in the style of a Cathedral. Situated in Kutná Hora, it is declared as one of the architectural gems by UNESCO. What makes it unique and the most significant monument of the town is it's design, with intricate flying buttresses and a three-tent roof. Just like the exterior, it's interior is quite complex and stunning. Kutná Hora has a history of mining life, which can be seen in the interior of this church. 


Prague Castle

The official office of the President of Czech Republic, it was constructed in the 9th century. It has been registered in the Guinness book of world records for the largest coherent castle complex in the world. It is a fusion of many different architectural styles, reason being the various rulers throughout the history. You'll find the essence of Romanesque-style buildings from the 10th century. And the Gothic modifications from the 14th century. There, you'll get to see the permanent exhibition which portrays the history of Czech Republic and various other events.


Charles Bridge, Prague

Named after King Charles IV, under whose regime the construction of this bridge began, in the year 1357. The construction finally finished in the early 15th century. It is built over the Vltava River, and is the most visited site in Prague. You can even see the after effects World war II, as it was largely undamaged by the war. You'll find a total of 30 statues mounted at the balustrade of this bridge. It is usually crowded but the view is very beautiful so it's a win win for the photographers and the people who just love to stand and observe the astonishing view. 


So, what are your waiting for? The beer capital is calling for you. You just need to pack your bags, book the tickets and head for the journey. You don't even have to worry about where to go, because we have already made it easier for you!

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