This Wiper Helmet Will Make Your Riding Easier During the Rainy Season

Today we are going to tell you very important information, the helmet will make your riding easier during the rainy season. People who drive two-wheelers often wear helmets during the rainy season. Wearing helmets can help you avoid accidents as well as getting wet in the rain but in the rainy season, it is difficult to drive a two-wheeler because it rains after wearing the helmet. Visibility is reduced due to falling water and everything starts to look blurred due to this, there is a possibility of an accident, but there are many helmets available in the market which you can wear to make your journey better While riding the bike, you can wear finger wiper wipers in your finger, which is only ₹ 99, you can buy it in the market or online, with the help of this gadget, you can easily clean the water that collects on the glass of the helmet.


Due to this, visibility will not be reduced and your journey will also be completed easily. You can also apply a shield wiper on your helmet. The special feature of this device is that it can be fixed on the helmet. This device has a wiper which removes the water that collects on the glass of the helmet and its speed With the help of a remote, you can do even less, its size is like a watch, its price starts from ₹ 8000, let us tell you that the way the wiper on the front glass of the car works, this device also works in the same way. And you can easily put this device on any helmet, this device does not deteriorate even when there is water, this device reduces the visibility of the helmet's glass, which will make it easier to ride the bike and the front everything will be visible.





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