What are some kitchen tricks that you find useful?


Never try cooking a new dish when you’re having guests. Serve everything beautifully even if it was just bread and cheese. Always cut the onion from the stem side not from the root side to avoid tearing. If it is bigger than you need, leave some of the roots intact. That will keep it good and fresh for days.


Add less than half a spoon of sugar to peas while cooking. It’ll take less time and will taste much better. Add a little bit of milk powder to the lemon and green mint juice to make it less bitter and tastier. Add some mint to Zucchini stew with tomato sauce and put it in the oven to get some color. Add celery to vegetable soup, pickled olives, fish and seafood soup. After eating anything contains garlic eat some parsley.


Even better try to include it in the meal. Rub your hands against a stainless steel spoon to get rid of the garlic smell. If the mayonnaise splits and is ruined (Mom made it at home) add it drop by drop to the blender while blending a whole egg with a spoon of vinegar. If a stew or juicy meat with sauce tastes too salty add a whole potato or two. It will absorb it and also gives a good taste. Soak your stainless spoons in vinegar and use it to clean the kettle. It’ll brighten them. Keep your kitchen spotless and shiny all the time.

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