These special features are coming to WhatsApp this year. Wait?

Talking about New Delhi messaging platforms, WhatsApp's name comes first. This app is the most used instant messaging app with 1.6 billion active users. In 2019, many changes were seen on this app and some new features have also been given to improve the experience of users.


From giving better privacy on WhatsApp to feature users like Group Invite last year. In the year 2020, WhatsApp will add many new features to the app and some of them are also testing the platform in their beta app. WhatsApp users are waiting for Dark Mode. For the last two years, WhatsApp Dark Mode is being discussed. The company has not given any official information about the release of Dark Mode yet. Experts say that WhatsApp is increasingly testing this feature and its beta update will also be released.


With the help of the self-destructing message feature, WhatsApp chat messages will be automatically deleted at the time fixed by the user. Messages get 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year option to be deleted automatically. For example, if a user has set a limit of 1 hour to delete the sent message, then it will be automatically deleted from the chat after 1 hour. Let us know that WhatsApp has made this feature available only on Android Beta version only.


The most special features to be found in 2020 may also include the reverse image search tool. With the help of this, the source of a photo can be detected and fake messages can be controlled. With the help of this feature, WhatsApp will also be able to alert users from fake news. For this, the company has already introduced the 'Frequently Forwarded' alert feature in India, which at times looks like a banner on the forwarded message.


Whatsapp has been a completely free app on WhatsApp so far and no kind of ad users bother it, but now it is about to change. Advertisements will be visible on Facebook's owned WhatsApp from 2020. In the early stages, advertisements will appear in the status feature of the app. We also see similar advertisements in Instagram at the moment. A demo shared shows that the ad will be displayed on the entire screen. Support on old phones ended WhatsApp ended the app support on Windows smartphones on December 31, 2019.


It has been announced by the company that WhatsApp will not be supported on any iPhone running iOS operating system older than iOS7 and any Android device with version 2.3.7 Gingerbread installed. However, the app support for these smartphones has not stopped yet and will close after February 1, 2020.

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