Telangana, Andhra has Announced Measures to Improve Oxygen Supply

Deputy Prime Minister (Health) K Krishna Srinivas said the 590 MT per day oxygen supplied by the state and the daily requirement is between 590 MT and 610 MT.

Previously, the state has recieved 80 MT daily from Jamnagar in Gujarat and 130 MT per day from Bellary in Karnataka - transported on the Oxygen Express train.
The governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have announced measures to increase oxygen production facilities to meet the needs of Covid-19 patients.

In Andhra Pradesh, efforts are being made to rehabilitate the Vizag Steel plant in Visakhapatnam, which has a production capacity of 850 Million Tonnes (MT) but is currently producing only 100 MT due to technical difficulties. In addition, the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) is preparing a few oxygen plants that do not work in many regions, which will help replenish oxygen cylinders. The government also requested 10 ISO containers to deliver oxygen to the government from various sources.

Deputy Prime Minister (Health) K Krishna Srinivas said the 590 MT per day oxygen supplied by the state and the daily requirement is between 590 MT and 610 MT.

The Telangana government has so far decided to establish 48 oxygen production facilities at various government hospitals in Hyderabad and its environs. The 48 plants will produce 324 MT of oxygen, which will be distributed to hospitals across the country.

According to officials, the 324 MT of oxygen produced from these 48 plants will be in addition to the oxygen supply provided by the Institute.

During a Covid review meeting on Monday, Prime Minister Kand Chandrashekar Rao directed officials to establish six units of 16 MT oxygen plants, 15 units of 8 MT power, and 27 units of four robust hydroelectric plants in Hyderabad , in the Hyderabad region, and local government hospitals in and around Hyderabad. There is also a proposal to establish another 100 MT oxygen plant to supply the state capital.

The government has also asked oxygen producers to deliver 11 tanks - each with a capacity of 20 tons - within ten days.

Both countries are also developing programs to combat black fungal infections found in some Covid-19 patients.

In Hyderabad, ENT Hospital and Gandhi Hospital have been appointed to treat cases of black fungus. According to officials, the required drugs were ordered to fight topics except for 25 Microdebrider machines and HD Endoscopic cameras.

In Andhra, nine black mold cases have been identified. Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has Commanded administrator to bring black fungus under the Arogyasri Scheme. Poor people do not end up with substantial medical costs, and prepare for the screening process early.

As both provinces offer Covid-19 patients free treatment, food, and medicine at public hospitals, both Prime Ministers have asked people who test them for the virus to be admitted to public hospitals.

In Telangana, there were 6,926 unoccupied beds in public hospitals in public hospitals - 2,253 oxygen beds, 533 ICU beds, and 4,140 standard beds.

In Andhra Pradesh, there are 47,825 beds in 625 Covid care hospitals nationwide, of which 38,492 beds are available. In addition, there are 6,576 ICU beds, 23,463 non-ICU oxygen beds, 17,246 non-ICU non-oxygen beds, and 3,467 respirators in Covid hospitals, according to Department of Health officials.

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