Suggestions for Parents – How to Manage Their Child

Every parent must have keen observation and knowledge about their child’s routine life either in secrete or in open. They must have fear of their eyes rather than fear of physical violence with them. The parents should maintain the perfect balance between a friend and a mentor of their child. Too much friendliness is not good for a healthy relationship with the child. The parents must act as a role model for providing moral values and manners that helps them to judge what is right and what is wrong for them in their life. Parents must provide a free environment that helps their child to freely express their emotions and feelings at any time with time.


Suggestion for a child – How to coordinate with their parents. The child must understand his parents by giving adequate time to them. The child must have complete trust in his parents. The child should learn with the experience of his parents. The child must evaluate their demands with respect to the economic and social status of their parents. The child must have a desire to take complete responsibility for his parents in the future in the same manner as their parents took their responsibility at present. It is the moral responsibility of both parents and children to maintain a healthy relationship with each other. The good parent-child relationship helps to build trust, love, and care for each other. A healthy parent-child relationship is the master key for the success of both parents and their children in the future.




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