School is the Temple of Knowledge

A school is the place where children go from the tender age of three and more. This is the place where at this young age, children learn about the world. A school is a window to the outside world from where a child gets his first peep into the world out of his nest, the home. In school all children feel very happy because it is here they see a number of other children of their own sizes.

This is exactly what they enjoy most. It is here that the children get their basic initiation into the multifarious things they have to lea5m and see as they grow. Here they learn to play, talk, fight and interact with others of their own clan and size. They also get their initiation into the field of studies,as they start with languages,count and other general knowledge,the child in his very early years gets neatly groomed for further studies ahead in the same institution school.

Besides studies, school is the platform where children find places and opportunities to Express themselves,show their different talents, and develop these talents of their choices. Above all,they learn to mic cordially with children of their own size. They learn from each other, they learn to obey elders other than just their parents and to respect and love everyone. A school is absolutely necessary for a child to develop his/her skills and get more and more exposure to the world where he/she has to spend life. It gives the child enjoyment, learning and exposure, all inside the single premises of the school. The school is for the child a second home.

Here he finds his friends, the sister and brothers of his home. In his teachers, he finds his parents and the premises of the school his home boundary. At school, the teachers are the child's ideals like at home his parents are his ideals,and his friends are his little heart throbs. Thus the institution of school gives a child's arena of growth and permits him to have a pleasant and enjoyable childhood.

This is where he is groomed and buds into a young adult,the school is his alma mater. Thus, days of school life are the most wonderful day of life ,and, at the same time the most important part of a long life. It is thus no wonder that it is these years that make children bloom into the pride of a country, or make them a load on the shoulders of the country. With a study of the aspect of school life,we can understand how absolutely impressions and teachings and preachings heard in this period of time are indelible.

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