How Should We Protect the Tigers From Extinction?

Tigers have now become the subject of much attention and fear all over the world. India accounts for about 2/3 of the world's big wild tiger population. Their decline has forced policymakers to sit up. Since the government is still running programs to save tigers, we common people will have to do more. Tigers are located in Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepali, Malaysia, Russia-Vietnam, Bhutan, etc., apart from India. Here are some suggestions that may enable us to save the tigers a bit.


The first thing we should promote people's consciousness. It is perhaps more important to protect tigers when this is the plan. By producing travelers, posters, blogs, and similar advertisements, we will enhance our performance for 'Saving Tigers'. The further the notion of saving tigers is shared, the more people are due to your contribution. Increasing support for all good issues is extremely important.


We need to avoid hunting for the protection of tigers. Nevertheless, braking is widespread despite the government banning the export of tiger skins and skins. This illegal act will be avoided. Make sure that when you eliminate poaching, you will not encourage breaches by purchasing skinned goods, shoes, and related items.


It turned out that our forests were lost, which could be a major reason for the extinction of animals like tigers. Today, tigers will not need to build and develop proper habitat. Hence the next important step is the protection of forests. You can't grow a forest, But you can grow many plants. The Sundarbans is the only coastal tiger reserve in the world and a vast mangrove forest area. Climate-change apprehensions about rising sea levels are intended to destroy these habitats and the existing tiger environment.


Finally, Eco is another step towards saving tigers. While going on such a journey, you will tell the citizens the unique situation of tigers and forests. This should bring them back to the source and allow them to take constructive steps as a result of progressive change.


Saving the tiger is not only our duty but also our responsibility. We will help the government in its tiger conservation programs to ensure a stable tiger population. We will realize that when we ask God we should be willing to send anything. We have to take responsibility for the very life of organisms.





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