Pros & Cons Of Teenage Curfew

Teenage curfew means imposing rules and regulations on the children. Parents keep checking on their children so that they timely do their work, play, eat their food, and go to bed timely. It is important so that it is easy for teenagers to maintain balance in their daily routine work.


Pros of Teenage Curfew are as follows:

Teenagers Safety Driving and hanging out with friends during the late hours can put teenagers in a risky situation. Nighttime traveling is risky as compared with daytime traveling. Therefore, the curfew imposed on them keeps them away from the bad temptations violent attacks, sexual risks, heavy partying, and alcohol consumption.

Peaceful Mind of Parents Having a curfew on the children below 18 years of age is a good option. It reduces the chances of children's involvement in juvenile crime and violence. Parents are secured that their teenage children are at home and safe. They need to worry about them.

Parents Control Restriction on the kids from going out in the late-night at is necessary. Parents have to keep control of their teenage children so that they do not involve in a bad company. Kids under 18 years of age are minors. They do not have any idea of what is good or bad for them.


Cons of Teenage Curfew are as follows:

Parents Dictatorship When parents impose certain rules on their children it looks like they want to control the life of their kids. The parents should control their kids only to a certain extent. They should not act as dictators imposing their beliefs on them.

Curfew on Children is Unconstitutional Some critics argued that the curfew is unconstitutional thing. Therefore, they required the government to interfere in the issue and guide the parents. The children need their personal space to live. It is not easy to live a life without rules. In some cases, good children are often punished due to harsh rules and regulations.

False Security Sense It is a serious issue to control juvenile crime in the United States. Still, it does not mean to start ruling on the life of the children.

Teenage Curfew is not the complete solution to stop juvenile criminal activities. Parents should give some relaxation to their children. Rules are important for life to maintain balance but should not harm anyone’s sentiments too. U.S. Department released a series of statistics that revealed that juvenile crimes are higher after high school at the weekends.




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