Pollution: Importance, Causes And It's Types


Pollution is a very serious issue faced by people today. Nowadays it's not only the people who live in the city face these problems but also the people who live in small towns and villages also face these. The type and intensity of pollution may differ from place to place. The people who live in villages or small towns may not be seriously affected, but those who live in cities are very seriously affected. Pollution can even cause many types of severe diseases. These also can lead to the death of people, plants, and even the destruction of buildings. There are 4 kinds of pollution. These are a) Air pollution b)Water pollution c) Noise pollution d) Soil pollution. Now let us discuss the 4 kinds of pollution in detail.


Air pollution

It is the kind of pollution in which the atmosphere is getting polluted due to any kind of impurities in it. It may be either chemical or of any other type. Air pollution causes harmful effects on the life of humans, animals, and of course plants and other microorganisms too. Air pollution can cause diseases like Asthma and other Lung diseases. Air pollution may also give rise to many problems like Acid rain. These can also harm the biotic and abiotic life on Earth. This acid rain also causes problems for buildings. We can see that Tajmahal at Agra is losing its color of marble due to acid rain caused by air pollution. So in many ways, air pollution affects the life of people, animals, and plants.


Water pollution

It is the kind of pollution in which aquatic life is getting polluted. The water resources in our Earth are getting polluted due to any kind of wastes, such as plastics, chemicals, dungs, wastes pollutants from industries, etc. We can see many rivers, lakes, and seas being polluted by such kind of wastes. Water pollution may cause the death of aquatic life. It may also cause harmful diseases for humans, animals, and aquatic fauna. We can see that the rivers and lakes are deeply polluted by plastic and some kind of chemicals. These may cause the death of animals who drink water from these water resources. This water when consumed at houses may cause diseases like typhoid etc. and thus water pollution is a serious problem faced.


Noise pollution

Noise pollution can be caused by the working of some kinds of industries. Industries such as quarries and crushers may cause a large amount of noise pollution. These may cause defects in hearing in humans. These can also lead to large disturbances. The elderly people cannot afford the intensity of these huge sounds. And also the sound from vehicles cause noise pollution. 


Soil pollution

Soil pollution can be caused by the overuse of chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides in the agricultural field. Soil pollution can also cause pollution of water resources. that is the water from agricultural fields that use chemicals and pesticides may reach lakes and rivers during heavy rain. Soil pollution may also cause the destruction of microorganisms and earthworms etc.. that help in the growth of plants degrading of wastes etc.




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