Online Teaching Applications: Learning with Fun

Online Teaching Applications: Learning with Fun


There was a time when people used to prefer books, a basic paperback book, to read and learn something they were interested in. Well, those kinds of people are still here, around us, but the present-day technology has dominated over everything in this world. This is the 21st century and everything is being digitalized. From turning books into e-books to making them available online so that one does not need to go to any bookstore to buy books instead of reading at home.


Apart from all these things, in fact, colleges and institutions have started using digital technologies like video calls and etc. to teach their students. We live in a world where everything is being so easily available for us and day by day the internet is being staggered in our lives and playing a very eminent role around us.


No doubt but a person, specifically a student, is interested in a lot of professions. He always is confused about what to do and learn because there is a lot of options right in front of him. But he knows that professionally he can focus on just one thing in order to get settled someday in the near future. And in that way, he always leaves something which he never wanted to leave but to learn just because he wanted it to pursue along with whatsoever he was studying or pursuing. And then there are the other mobile applications that allow a person.


In today’s time colleges and institutions have been evolving and they do offer a lot of courses and want the students to not just be into academics but to explore new areas as well. But still, not all of the institutions follow the same pattern. There are students and even the person of middle ages, they do want to learn something new but they know that the time, for them to get admission in colleges, have gone. And that is where the role of learning software comes in today’s time.


Softwares like Shaw Academy, EDx, Coursera, and etc. offers a lot of professional to normal courses free of cost. One can easily download their application on their devices and learn whatever they wanted without thinking about what age they belong to. They can learn anything new that they wanted. The best part about these applications is that they have collaborated with all the famous institutions like Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford, and etc. The institutions post their updates about the online certificate to diploma courses on these applications and what one needs to do is download the application, make an account and register by using their common email address and phone number, give information about what are they doing currently and other important information.


After that just select what kind, of course, you want to pursue, chose that particular course, and see the whole syllabus part. If you like it then enroll free of cost and chose time to attend the class as per your suitability. Every time the class will start you will get notified so that you do not miss that. After the course is completed successfully, you can apply for the certificate from that institution but for that you will have to pay as well. There are courses that offer financial aid for the one who can not afford the fee for the certificate at the end of the course so yeah, he or she can apply for the financial aid, the aid form will be approved within 14 days and then the person can enroll and start learning and at the end of the day the certificate will be provided totally free of cost.


The best part about this is that not everyone student can afford to go to foreign to study something they have dreamt of, also not everyone gets admission into prestigious colleges like Oxford and Cambridge but with the help of these applications, one can easily learn something new and get certified as well. They can use that certificate or diploma to add in their CVs or Resumes that might help them to increase their exposure, whenever they will be applying somewhere for the job.


So yeah, in the present time one can learn multiple courses and fulfill their dreams without worrying about anything. Well, philosophically, learning never stops in your life but yes professional learning does stop. But today, with the help of technologies, we can do what we were never able to ten years ago. Technology has made everything accessible so easily, one can learn something new without attending colleges that they can/can’t afford. And that is the reason, even during this pandemic lockdown, most of the people, specifically, youths, are using these applications to learn new programs.







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