Parents of Special Children Feel that the Trust Towards Online Education has Divided the Needs of Their Children

They blame the state government for ignoring the difficulties faced by special children in online classes. Non-government organizations (NGO's) who run residential schools for special children have raised important demands about education and care of special children during the pandemic. A 40- year old mother who has quit her job to look after her special child said, "Parents have become students". My son's scholar was earlier taking on one class online, he tried to pay some attention but now the school is taking common classes on the zoom app. He is not interested in them. If I am doing everything at home including physiotherapy, why should I pay full fees to the school? she questioned.


"Special children cant be treated just like the other normal children, they have special needs and the schools can't overlook these real issues, "said the mother. As there are very few schools for special children, none of the parents. Mirror spoke fo were willing to come on record for fear of their children being suspended. Cerebral palsy, autism, dyslexia, and deafness are among the 21 types of conditions that the government classifies as 'special needs'. Schools run by the social welfare department are making sure that the online classes do not exceed a fixed number of hours. "Special children from poor and middle-class families are facing most of the difficulties. They cant effort to have broad screen tabs or laptops. Their mobile phones also have small screens. The children with down syndrome are left behind in the online classes unless they are paid personal attention " said a teacher from an aided school.





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