New Guidelines of Health Ministry to Avoid Coronavirus

Very few people are able to take care of their health properly due to their full lifestyle. Modernity and technology have increased our convenience, but reduced physical activity. Food and drink have also changed. All these have a negative effect on health. In which weight gain problem is most. According to the protocol, according to this, the patient has been asked to take special care of his cleanliness along with wearing a mask. For this, wearing information on masks, washing hands from time to time, social distancing, intake of hot water, and how to take care of problems related to breath are given.


According to the Ministry of Health, patients need to take special care of these things:

Use of medicines to increase immunity There are many people who use medicines to increase the body's resistance. In such a situation, the Ministry of AYUSH has also given permission to eat it. So that it helps people to develop physically. With this, those who are starting their office work, they have been advised to go for a few minutes instead of sitting in one place for a few minutes and do light exercise.


Yoga and Exercise To maintain their health, these people are being asked to do yoga, exercise, and meditation for a while in the open air every day. Especially patients recovering from corona need to do respiratory exercises. Also, to be physically fit and fit, one should walk daily in the morning and evening.


Include nutritious things in food These people should take care of their health and include all nutritious things in the food. They are advised to eat such food, it should be made fresh and soft as well as easily digested. Also, they should be kept away from alcohol, smoking, etc.


Get checked periodically While at home, while taking care of your health, keep checking the body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar pulse rate, etc. from time to time. Perfect sleep In order to relax the body, they need to take 7-8 hours of deep sleep instead of waking up late at night.


Gargle with saltwater If there is a problem of dry cough, sore throat, etc. in any situation, mix some salt in lukewarm water and gargle with it in the morning and evening. You can also take steam by adding some herbs in hot water.


Apart from this, in case of some difficulty, take the medicine only after consulting the qualified practitioner of the Docker or Ministry of AYUSH. High fever, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, and weakness are the initial symptoms of the corona. Therefore, if you feel anything like this, immediately tell the doctor. Use this medicine Now according to the new protocol, anyone can take the medicines prescribed by the Ministry of AYUSH to strengthen their immunity. To make this medicine or decoction, mix Ayush decoction in 1 cup of water and drink it. In addition, mixing 1 gram of Sambhini Vati, 1-3 grams of Giloy Powder in warm water twice a day can be consumed continuously for 15 days.


Apart from this, 1 gram Ashwagandha or its powder can also be eaten 2 times a day for 15 days. Take these things on dry cough If someone has a complaint of dry cough, they will be relieved by grinding 1 to 3 grams of liquorice and consuming the prepared powder with lukewarm water. - Having anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties in turmeric, mixing 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder in 1 glass of warm milk before going to bed every day will provide relief. - Mixing salt in lukewarm water, drinking it, or gargling with it also gives relief from dry cough. - To strengthen immunity in large quantities, eat 1-1 teaspoon of Chyawanprash daily in the morning and evening. After recovery, share these moments with friends and close Patients suffering from corona should share their moments with social media, friends, and relatives after recovering. So that they are not afraid of corona but can alert themselves to avoid it.




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