Major Sandeep Unni Krishnan : Story of Real Hero

An officer who went in search of Unnikrishnan the next morning found a black figure lying on the ground near Paul Lounge. That is the wool Krishnan Dead Body. The right arm is on the floor and the left arm is on the chest. He was lying in a pool of blood when bullets ricocheted off his left-back. There are landmarks where two bullets went from the head. The granite pin he last drilled was on his little finger. Two feet away he was lying on a walkie-talkie. Unnikrishnan's team succeeded in stopping the militants near the Wasabi restaurant. "I'll make sure you don't come up". These are the last words from the mouth of Major Unni Krishnan. They show how brave he was in the last moments.


To speak of Major greatness is to know about his 30 years of life. Unni Krishnan is from Kerala. Their family settled in Bangalore. Unni Krishnan has been fascinated by the Indian Army since childhood. Even those who go to school to do military haircuts know that he likes his profession. Major's father worked for ISRO. With this, he also dreamed of serving the country. He loves movies. After completing his BA, he joined the National Defense Academy in 1995. Sandeep was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the 7th Battalion, Bihar Reju Vent. He has served in the Indian Army since 1999 in other parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Darjeeling, and Rajasthan. Even during the Kargil war, the Indian Army completed key missions such as Operation Vijay and Counter-Emergency. He was later transferred to the National Security Guards. He joined the NSG Commando Service in 2006.




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