Uncover And Understand Yourself



“A simple look cannot and will not uncover even a simple book.”  -― Ferrer Joey Palomar Fesico

Uncover yourself. All that you are, all that you have, all that you will.

Look at thyself, breathing and existing and now, ponder. Ponder your existence and your role in this largely empty universe. How much do you know yourself? How much do you understand why you do, the antics you enact, the giggles that sound like they would never end, the sins you commit, the love you give away without a second thought, the fights you lose, the night monsters you’ve slain. There are oceans raging within us, unfounded knowledge and purpose stored once lost now in universes we tossed away. Human brain usually tends to register what it sees at the first glance, first talk. Look more.

Observe your reflection, undress yourself. Perhaps not physically, but bring down the layers of obtrusiveness and facades created. The masks that are worn to tear. Rip them all, gently.  And appreciate what you see, what you make, who you’ve become.  Uncovering not just yourself but the people around you, stare at them till it burns your eyes; the stardust on their eyelashes, the tilted head, the soft expression as they tug at their sweaters, the knowing looks they share with their beloved.

“If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow - you are not understanding yourself.” - Bruce Lee.

Understanding other people, a mutual acceptance and adoration, is possibly the strongest bond one could forge, as the reason and purpose behind why one does things becomes clearer and definite. Understanding yourself though, is a breathtaking experience as you uncover all that you are, all that you have, all that you will; like the lush curtain that falls after the end of a glorious play, except the lights don’t go out.

The light of your life just lit up after years of dim flickers.

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