Man orders Lotion but gets Headphones worth 19,000; Amazon says ‘keep it’

A Pune man named Gautam Rege ordered a skin lotion worth Rs. 300 but received a pair of wireless Bose headphones worth Rs. 19,000. He then reached out to the online e-commerce platform to report the issue but was shocked when they told him to ‘keep it’, as it was non-refundable.


Sharing the image of his order on Twitter, Rege wrote, “Bose wireless earbuds (₹19k) delivered instead of skin lotion (₹300). @amazonIN support asked to keep it as the order was non-returnable!”


This tweet has taken a fury on the internet as netizens are surprised by this gesture of Amazon. The picture had shown that Rege received Bose wireless earbuds along with a packet of detergent instead of the body lotion he had ordered. In a follow-up tweet, he also revealed that he has been given a refund for the lotion he ordered. Many who came across this unusual experience of Rege, came to the comments section to know about the lotion.


This however looked quite surprising to the people because this is the first incident where something like this happened and the company asked the customer to keep it even when the order he placed was very less expensive than the one he received. Netizens then started asking him which lotion he ordered so that they can also try their hand on the order and might get the headphones.


However, this is a nice gesture because the mistake has been done by the company and it must pay for that. Some people say it is the new marketing policy but whatever it may be, it is something that has moved people on social media.





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