Indian Roads, Traffic Problems And The Common Man

India is a country with the second largest road network in the world. Out of the total stretch of 5.4 million km of the road network, almost 97,991 km is covered by national highways. It is already a huge challenge for the Indian government to provide world-class roads, due to the sheer magnitude. To add to it, India has to spend almost around ₹20,000 to ₹30,000 crores on the maintenance of roads every year. The reason behind this is the increase in private vehicle ownership and the overburdening of roads in all major cities of the country.


For an average Indian youth owning a two-wheeler, driving on any of the major Indian cities is equivalent to waging a daily war. The everyday struggle and effort of dodging traffic, pollution, and rash drivers are the biggest cause of chronic stress and many physiological problems. On average, a person spends anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours of their day driving. Which means, in a year, it is almost 360 hours. Imagine the kind of stress and unnecessary burden the person is putting on their body. In a country already full of numerous lifestyle-related diseases, driving and traffic problems is an unnecessary addition. If India has to maintain its growth, it will require around 15,000 km of new expressways in the coming 10-12 years.


The National Highway Authority of India, along with the local corporations, have to work really hard to achieve this target. But this might not be possible if the citizens of the country continue to abuse the roads and traffic rules across the nation. The government mechanism, as well as the citizens, need to work in tandem if India wants to see any improvement in traffic and eventually in the lives of the citizens. Below are some of the major traffic problems India is facing today along with some of the possible solutions.




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