Google's mysterious Fuschia OS is now ready to shine

Google is working on a brand new operating system called the Fuschia OS.Google's Fuschia operating system has being working for years now. Despite being talked for a long time, the details about Google mysterious OS remain hidden.  Google has been silently working on for years now is that it is not the next Android or the next Chrome OS but it looks like Google is finally ready to shine some light on its secretive project.


After so much of waiting California based company has registered the domain - - and quietly rolled out the developer page for its Fuschia OS, indicating that the company is finally ready to talk about it.The developer site for the Fuschia OS is barebones at the moment and doesn't provide detailed information this site contains details such as Code of Conduct, Glossary, Getting Started, Development and Contributing Changes among other things. The most interesting section of the site is the System Documentation section, which reveals technical details about the Fuschia OS - it is not build on linux.


Android is based on linux kernel but the Fuschia OS, on the other hand, is based on a micro-kernel called Zircon, which was earlier called Magenta.As there are lot of things we still don't know about Google's Fuschia OS even the site dont provide complete information but the recent development indicates that the company is pretty serious about rolling it out to the public, which means that we will have more details about the Fuschia OS soon.

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