12 Facts of Eye That Reveals About Your Health Condition


The eye is not only a window to the soul, it is also through it that you can know your health. And the change in the shape of your eye may be an indication of health problems, because the eye alone is able to provide us with 12 information about your health condition, according to the British "Net Doctor" site.


1- Infection Do you wear contact lenses instead of glasses? Pay close attention to the white spots on the cornea. This is very common among people who wear contact lenses, and it may be a sign of an infection on the cornea of ​​the eye.


2- Anxiety and stress Intense stress and anxiety can appear in many ways, including through the eyes. The shape of the eyes in this case tends to appear more narrow than anxiety, and it is an indication that you need to rest and control your tension a little more.


3- Diabetes Blurred or blurred vision usually means you need glasses, but you should get your eyes checked as soon as you feel this to be sure. Blurred vision can be an indication of another health problem, such as diabetes. In a study conducted in August 2014, it was found that 73% of diabetics suffer from blurred vision. Even if you do not have vision problems, your doctor can discover that you have diabetes through an eye exam based on abnormalities in the retina.


4- High cholesterol If you notice a white ring around the iris, it may be time to consult an ophthalmologist in addition to a thorough examination. Although this color change is a sign of aging, it can be an indication of a high level of cholesterol and triglycerides, which means an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke.


5- High blood pressure In addition to high blood pressure increases your risk of heart disease and strokes, high blood pressure can also damage the blood vessels in the retina, which is called retinopathy. You can't see traces in the mirror, but your doctor will be able to determine the damage through an eye exam, which is reason enough to stick to annual check-up appointments.


6- Sensitivity If your eyes are very dry and the skin around them is slightly worn out, you may be rubbing them too much without awareness. Rubbing the eyes too hard can cause the eyelids to relax, and this not only leads to the appearance of wrinkles but also allows the eye to increase exposure to air and can become very dry. One of the main causes of itchy eyes is seasonal allergies.


7- Detachment of the retina Do you know these little things that move in your field of vision at times? They are called eye floaters, and they are relatively common, but they also should not be ignored. Doctors warn that a sudden increase in the number of eye floaters could be a sign of a retinal tear or a detachment.


8- The need for sleep If you notice swelling and redness in your eyes, do not assume you have an infection. It may be just a sign that you are tired due to lack of sleep, which leads to redness and irritation of the eyes.


9- Exposure to a lot of the sun Some people have a yellowish part on the white of the eye next to the iris, called a pinguecula. A small percentage of these parts portend cancer, but it usually is not. But what caused it? These parts usually appear in people who spend a lot of time in the sun. In a December 2013 study of the effect of UV rays on the eyes, it was found that wearing certain lenses can protect the eyes. So if you notice these parts in you, see a doctor immediately.


10- Jaundice If the whites of your eyes are yellow like the old newspaper, this is a warning sign that something is wrong with your body. The most common culprit is jaundice, a condition that occurs when bilirubin is elevated. The yellow component that is made up of breaking down red blood cells. If your liver cannot filter the cells, bilirubin builds up and causes your eyes and skin to yellow. Jaundice is rare among adults and is more common among newborns. But in adults, sometimes it can indicate an infection such as hepatitis, liver disease related to drinking alcohol, or something that blocks the bile ducts, such as gallstones or cancer.


11- Dry Eyes Spending a long time on electronic devices can cause dry eyes. This is very common among people who stare for long hours of the day at their phones, televisions, and computers.


12- Eye Strain Damaged blood vessels may seem alarming, but most of the time they are an indication that your eye is working too long, which leads to fatigue. Although the eye appears red as blood, it is not harmful and does not indicate any disease related to the eye.




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