Extremities or Balance: The Quest To The Sole Key Of Life


In just a click everything is available to us. We have one or the other website for certain things but one it come on something which calms us psychologically we hardly find any website . And this illustrates the whole story of this world itself . Everyone wants profit in their lives and that profit might not be frequent in certain things , certain things which are totally necessary for us . So , the foregone conclusion is that we get exhausted covering the distance between us and success and then our mind collapse. 


Our mind just start escaping notice on the thing and then where our dedication and self-believe intervened and comes to the action . Self esteem , dedication towards our work , self-confidence and self love are the pillars of our building of success . The obstacles in our path made us to reaffirm our plans and be the better versions of ourselves. It's been always told that extremities led to the success in our life . But research over the years had shown that what our life needs from us is balance . Balance is the mantra which can turn all the tables of the destiny upside down . From our destiny till our diet everything works for us to it's best if we have balances the certain things . It may be really difficult for our brain who works on sudden hike since a long time on our instructions, to work in the balanced way.


There is a great possibilities that the worldly things and people distract us from building our own stairs of success . But we have to retain our focus again and have to crack it . The definition of success is far more than money , fame and luxurious life . And the reports that developed countries have majority of depression patient illustrate the whole story itself . There are certain flourishing industries which plays no role in our basic survival list such as entertainment, tourism, jewelry and many more but still we need it because in this point of time we want way more than the basic survival . So , spare a minute for yourself and reaffirm your plans and angle of bearing . Because it is our perspective which distinguishes us from others .



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