Expressway Will be Ready in Three Years from Delhi to Mumbai

After three years, a dive stance from Delhi to Mumbai will be completed in just 12 hours by road. The Delhi-Mumbai Green Expressway being built for this will reduce the distance of the two metros by 120 km. This Green Expressway will be run on the lines of elan electric train. This information was given by Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. Gadkari said that the work of Express will be completed in two to three years. Land acquisition work has been completed in this item. Nearly 60 percent of the contract has been allocated. Rural and tribal areas have been selected for not spending much on the project. The first plan was to build this highway on the edge of the present highway from Delhi-Ahmedabad to Mumbai's current highway. Later, the second and the cheapest routes were created to reduce the cost.


Now this Green Express will reach Mumbai via Gurgaon, Sawimadhapur, Alwar, Ratlam, Jhabua, Vadodara. From the new route t, the Ministry has saved Rs. 16000 crores. Truck running at a speed of 100 km Referring to countries like America, Germany, Sweden, Gadkari said that electricity will be run from electricity on this highway. For this, the railway line will be mounted on the highway to the power cable. Electric trucks will run at a speed of 100 km per hour. The battery will also have a battery that will be charged while walking. There will be huge reductions in transportation expenses. Currently, a truck covers a distance of 12 km in a liter of diesel (cost 65 rupees). While the electric-powered truck will not only carry more freight, it will cover a distance of only 20 to 12 rupees to 15 rupees. This will reduce transportation costs by at least five times. In response to a question, Gadkari supported the toll collection. He said that toll is necessary if new roads are needed, f od roads are to be repaired. Through this toll, the government is achieving success in laying the road network in rural areas.




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