Drug-Addiction or the Menace of Drug-Abuse


A drug is a substance that affects the structure and functioning of living beings. If wisely used, it prevents and cures diseases. Since time immemorial drugs are being used to ease pain, suffering, and cure diseases. The curative and healing value of the drugs is well known, but they can be misused and abused as well. Drug -abuse is not new, but it has increased and spread alarmingly during the last 40-50 years and has become a big threat to our peace and security. The threat is not limited to India or a group of countries. Today it is a worldwide menace and needs matching remedies.


According to a 1997 world drug report 1997 over 4 crores, people are drug addicts who regularly take drugs throughout the world. It has become a roaring business and the drug lords and smugglers have become millionaires overnight. The drug dons and mafias are well organized and very powerful. Their business runs into nearly $400 billion. Opium and poppy production has increased threefold in recent years. Most of it comes from Myanmar(Burma), Laos, and Thailand. Cannabis is the most heavily smuggled drug in the world. During 1995 over 3,000 tonnes of herbal and 1000 tonnes resin of it were seized globally. It is an illegal drug obtained from hemp(bhang) plants and smoked in cigarettes, pipes, etc. The illegal drug industry is flourishing because of huge profits. A kilogram of heroin which costs about $ 180 in Pakistan fetches $29,000 in America or England.


The problem in India is increasing very fast yet it is of manageable proportions and needs to be addressed immediately. Drug abuse is found mostly in youngsters. The students in schools, colleges, universities, and training institutes suffer most from it. Unemployed, poor, illiterate, and people belonging to backward sections of the society are also the victims of drug abuse. drug -addicts use charas, ganja, smack or brown sugar, heroin, LSD, etc., and pay very high and exorbitant prices for them. Once you become habitual of taking a drug like LSD, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of it. Drugs also cause such illusions and damage the brain and other vital organs of the body.


Frustration, unemployment, poverty, the disintegration of families and lack of love, sympathy, and purpose, moral education in life are some of the main reasons for drug-addictions because they are not properly guided. People adopt such evil habits because they are not properly guided, helped, and understood. Neglect your youngsters, increasing gross materialism, and selfishness among parents are other big reasons for the spread of drug addiction. Deprived of love care sense of belonging and sympathy, young men and women in their tender age become easy victims of drug addiction. They fall into bad company, are misled and misguided, and make innocent people their easy victims. The youngsters offer them the softest target.




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