Dog- Most Loyal and Protective Pet

The dog may be a pet animal and thought of because of the man’s supporter. It provides an and honest companion to the person. It loves and respects its owner considerably and may go everyplace with him. It shows heart towards the owner by wagging its tail and licking the hand or face of the owner. It helps tons to its owner in the course of life in numerous ways in which. It removes the loneliness of the folks by providing a friendly companion. It ne'er permits anyone unknown to enter to the gate orbit something of its owner. It starts barking fortissimo whenever any unknown approaches the house. It will bite a criminal or unknown once they ignore its barking and check out to mischief. Some folks afraid away terribly simply but some strangers ne'er concern of it. Some folks have pet sheep, should have dogs as they're terribly helpful to appear when sheep. They ne'er permit any wolf or fox to come back close to or attack the sheep. It's a terribly watchful animal and may catch strangers, thieves, and criminals even they hide anyplace.


Dog uses its sense of smell to search out out the concealing thieves or criminals. Owing to its watchful and intelligent nature, it's extremely employed by the police, army, or different investigation department to catch murderers or criminals. It will crystal rectifier policemen to the places where murders have taken place. It ne'er leaves its owner whether or not he/she is poor, beggar or moneybag. It obeys all the orders of its owner terribly sincerely. It becomes alert all time whether or not day or night to supply its services to the owner. That’s why it's referred to as a devoted animal. It's terribly watchful in nature and may hear terribly slow sounds within the night and take action shortly. It will guess the presence of its owner from a long distance through smell and become aware of welcome him home.


The generation of a dog is extremely tiny but it will live around twelve to fifteen years long. generation of a dog varies in line with their size like smaller dogs live a longer life than the larger ones. A feminine dog provides birth to a baby and feeds milk that’s why dogs return underneath the class of mammals. The baby of a dog is named a pup or puppy and its home as a kennel. folks use dogs to attracts the sled within the cold countries. Dogs area unit classified in line with their service to folks like guard dogs, social dogs, looking dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, somebody dogs, etc.

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