Delhi’s Containment Zone Increased: 5 New Zones | Total Number 163

Delhi’s Containment Zone Increased: 5 New Zones Have been Added to Its List, Total Number is 163


Covid-19 cases have been increasing in India, rapidly, since the past some days. It took more than two months to hit the number of 1 lakh and after that, it just took 15 days to reach another lakh. One can easily observe the rate of spreading coronavirus in India and basically in New Delhi, the capital of India.


31st of March was the date when lockdown 5.0 was lifted up but on June 1, 2020, the central government had launched its Unlock 1.0 schedule to offer the lease in some of the less affected areas as well in cities that were affected too. The central government asked the state ministers to think about the situation before passing the lease options and its schedule. The cases were already on the hike, constantly. And in between that period, the chief minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, offered a lease, to some extent to the people of Delhi. And because of that, the rate of spreading of coronavirus has been increased so far in Delhi. The graph of patients of Covid-19, in Delhi, has crossed 25k and the number of containment zones in Delhi has gone up to 163 as per 5 new containment zones that have been discovered on the 4th of June. 58 zones have been de contained to date. This came, as the number of COVID-19 cases in the capital, alone, surged past its 22,000 marks, as per Delhi government’s daily heath published bulletin.


Many have been criticizing the idea of Unlock 1.0 because they think that it is one of the worse decisions ever made by the government. They think that it would hike the spreading of coronavirus disease and perhaps that is what happening in some major affected cities. But also, this the time, where we need to be more careful, now is the time when we need to adapt ourselves while being surrounded by this virus. This will be here, around us, all the time, in the environment and what we need is to take care of ourselves in order to be safe and healthy.


Because of the hike in the spreading coronavirus cases, five new containment zones were added to the list on Thursday, according to the ANI report. And with this, the total number of containment zones in the National Capital now stands at 163. A record of 1513 cases took place in a single day of Covid-19 on Wednesday and the death toll due to the disease surged past 10,000 as a whole, authorities said.





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