Is Corona virus a Bio Weapon by China?

Since COVID-19 has unrolled globally, there are many theories about its origin, its life span, its symptoms, etc. Still, it is believed that China has a great hand in the emergence of this virus and this is done intentionally. There are theories about the origin of the virus, Early research suggests that the virus closely resembles a known coronavirus harbored in horseshoe bats, it has even been said that the coronavirus may have come from a virology laboratory in Wuhan and lastly it raises the possibility the virus is a leaked bioweapon.


The question arises after all these theories and assumptions that, Is this a strategic move by China to become the mightiest superpower? Is this actually the beginning of world war 3? Assumptions are about China that the country had secrete about the lethal traits of the virus. In a report by the media of China, it has revealed surprising facts about COVID-19. Studies show that China did conceal the fact about coronavirus being dangerous to the human race. Reports reveal that the samples taken from COVID-19 patients were tested at least five times in the laboratories of China. It is also said that China knew about the rapid and fatal shooting spread of the virus. This is actually shocking and scary at the same time to think about the consequences of this virus until the end of 2020. But this is obvious that the emergence of this virus has affected and worsen World relations with China.





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