Humanity and Pregnant Elephant Died | Kerala Case | Pineapple Firecrackers

Humans were supposed to be the best creatures of God. We were given the power to think, react, create our own livelihood, and do the best thing we can do. But what happened on 27th May 2020 was inhuman and can't be permissible anywhere. After that incident, we as a human should not feel proud of our existence. It was not the first time that people have shown such behavior toward animals and wasn't the first incidence of animal abuse. But the thing which deeply touched my heart was the behavior of elephants, after all these activities, she has shown her goodness as not a single home or person was injured because of her.


On 27th May 2020, In Malappuram district of Kerala, a pregnant elephant came out of the forest in search of food. Some locals offered her a pineapple filled with firecrackers. For sure she would be thankful to them for the food but what happened after this was actually inhuman. The Pineapple was exploded in her mouth as a result of which her mouth and tongue were badly injured. She was in searing pain physically and emotionally. A mother whether she is human or animal. She loves their children the most.


At the end of her life, she must be thinking about the child which would be with her after 18 to 20 months but in her last breath, all.she could do was just feel her baby and the regret that why she trusted the humans? Though the forest officials tried their best to save her and to lead her out of the river they ended up with nothing and she died in the standing position with her trunk in the water at approx 4 pm on May 27. Even she wasn't able to trust the human which came to save her. The elephant believed the local people. So was that her mistake for which she lost her baby and her own life? She shouldn't have believed them to remain alive? It was not just a loss of an animal but it was the shameful act that depicts the inhuman and harsh behavior of the human towards other creatures.





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