Can Airtel broadband, DTH eke out JioFiber upsurge? The quest for dominion begins

Airtel and Reliance Jio are at a cat and mouse game since the launch of Jio 4G network in India three years ago.


The competition between the two telecoms has only turned beneficial boosters for the newly-launched telecom operators. Within the undulating entire telecom systems and leading the market for a rapid consolidation, Reliance Jio has managed to stay clear of any losses as compared to rivals especially Airtel , Vodafone Idea. The biggest question now is will Jio's nemesis Airtel survive the latest JioFiber wave? JioFiber is up against Airtel V-Fiber, but the margin for competition in the broadband sector is not as high as compared to the telecom market.


The incumbents should still be worried as JioFiber launch offers, where plans and bundles are equally lucrative and appealing. Anticipation for JioFiber is extremely high - more than 5 lakh registrations have already been placed with Jio for the FTTH broadband connection. The telco launched five monthly prepaid plans, starting at Rs 699 for 100Mbps all the way up to Rs 8,499 for 1Gbps plan. Airtel, on the other hand, offers V-Fiber plan starting at Rs 799 a month, which shows there isn't a lot of difference. But that changes when we look at the details. Airtel only promises to the subscription to its own OTT platform which is Airtel TV extreme and Amazon Prime to its higher-paid subscriptions which range above 1k rupees.


But jio plans comes bundled with video conferencing, gaming and free voice and data forever at lowest level plans. If you climb up the ladder you will get even more bulks of data packets and at a whopping speed of 100Mbps to 1Gbps. They will also get premium subscriptions to OTT platforms on an annual basis. The smart home solution, mixed reality and first day first show will be applicable for high-end customers. But if you're craving for higher speed, JioFiber is the way to go. The ISP provides Platinum and Titanium packages, both with up to 1Gbps speed. The Platinum plan costs Rs 3,999 per month and offers a total of 2,500GB high-speed data and the Titanium plan at Rs 8,499 a month gives a total of 5,000GB data.


Interestingly, Airtel offers a truly unlimited V-Fiber plan at Rs 1,999 per month, where the speed is 100Mbps without any data limit. The VIP plan, as Airtel calls it, gets all the extra benefits of the Premium plan. When it comes to comparison of Jio 4K STB and Airtel XStream Box. JioFiber customers get a free Jio 4K STB, in response to which Airtel launched XStream Box at Rs 3,999. Both set-top-boxes are alike on few fronts like they support live TV channels and OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. While Jio 4K STB supports all Jio entertainment apps, Airtel XStream Box gives access to Airtel Store and Airtel XStream app. Both providers also offer access to HD channels, but it looks like Jio wins with a larger content offering. So what do you think, which way to go? Let us know in the comments

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