Be in Pink : National Pink Day

Be in Pink: National Pink Day

By - Shruti Gupta


Pink! What appears in your mind when you hear this word? A most common answer to this question is a flower or a girl. Well, relating to flower is well justified as the word “pink” is even used as a color name since the 17th century and has acquired this name from a flower itself. But why is a girl immediately brought up in the mind after hearing pink? Over a period of time, people have assigned pink to the ladies as a symbol of their character. The history clearly shows that even in the 19th century, ribbons or decorations worn by boys were pink in England and the uniforms for men were red. Pink is very closely related to femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, childhood, and romance. Since the 17th century, it has gained more importance. Madame de Pompadour who was the mistress of King Louis XV of France had started wearing the shades of pink in the Rococo period which boosted its presence. All this is in history and has made pink what it is today. It is used in many senses and represents different perspectives and ideas in different cultures. But it always unites and presents softness and tenderness. So, enjoy this National Pink Day on June 23, your way. Be surrounded by the shades of pink you like in the way you prefer and celebrate this day. Be “in the pink”: be in your top form in terms of appearance, health, and overall condition. 

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