Bandra Society Turns the In-House Spa Into a Quarantine Centre

In place of the massage bed now sits a hospital bed. In May this year, the blissful spa and salon centre of the plush Rustomjee seasons in Bandra(East), morphed into a serene quarantine centre replete with an IV stand, oxygen concentrate machine, pulse oximeter disposable thermometer and PPE kits.


Set up to act as a cocoon for residents in the case they contracted Covid-19 and needed oxygenation till they found a bed at the hospital, the idea of the centre was that patients would feel as peaceful as they would in a spa, especially under the care and supervision of the Covid-19 panel of doctor residents in the complex.


The quarantine centre is among a host of initiatives taken under the leadership of society secretary Jimmy Francis as part of the complex’s elaborate Covid-19 'preparedness strategy.

As early as April, the 300 families staying in four buildings had all their questions about Covid-19 cleared on the trot by eminent doctors in the neighbourhood. From “How to take care of children during this time?”


Recently, the society contributed Rs 6 lakh to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for migrant workers to safely reach their names. In another initiative, members contributed Rs 3 lakh so 200 people, which included autorickshaw drivers, were given a month ration. Despite all precautions taken, five families in the society contracted the virus. The source of infection, says Francis, has been attributed to hospital visits. Stringent protocols were put in place including sanitization of lifts, floors and common areas.

“Strict enforcement of all protocols, with the immense support of the residents, helped contain the virus,” says Francis.  




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