“He deserved it for whatsoever he did wrong”: Vikas Dubey’s Wife on His Funeral


“He deserved it for whatsoever he did wrong”: Vikas Dubey’s Wife on His Funeral


Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh):

Ms. Richa, wife of the dead known-gangster Vikas Dubey, the notorious and profound gangster who was killed in a police encounter on Friday (July 10), said that her husband was wrong and he deserved his fate had written for his bad-works. 

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Vikas did wrong, each and every time, and he deserved this ending" said the gangster’s wife Richa, in an agitated and angry tone when media asked her if Vikas deserved it or not.


Richa, gangster’s wife, articulated this at the time when Vikas’ last rites of funeral took place in Kanpur amidst tight security. Mrs. Dubey, who came to Bhairoghat to attend her husband’s cremation, also expressed her anger at media-personals and asked them to leave that place immediately, which was truly correct. Ms. Richa also accused them of being responsible for Dubey's killing in the encounter on July 10th near Bhaunti (Kanpur), where the incident and the story took place.


Rural S.P. Brijesh Srivastava mentioned to the reporters that Dubey's brother- in- law Dinesh Tiwari performed the last rites at the electric crematorium situated at the Bhairo-Ghat in the presence of his wife and son. The Uttar Pradesh Police had arrested Dinesh Tiwari, Vikas’s Brother-in-Law, from Kanpur's Bikaru village after the July 3rd massacre took place outside Dubey's residence. 


Gangster Vikas Dubey, who was carrying a heavy bounty of Rs. 5 lakh INR on him, was gunned down when he tried to escape from police custody while taking him to Kanpur from Ujjain. According to the officials, Dubey snatched police official’s pistol and made a bid to escape from the custody. He opened fire at first and then police, who had to react in self-defense, did the returned fire at the gangster, and injured him. He was taken to a hospital where the doctors declared him brought-dead right after when he was shot.







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