Whatsapp may not be as bad as you think,says the study


Good news for the individuals who spend most of the time on social media especially on Whatsapp, as researchers have found that spending time on digital platforms, is good for our well-being. According to the study, published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, found that the text-based messaging app, which offers users group chat functions has a positive impact on psychological health and makes a person happy.

The research found that the  people who spent more time on WhatsApp per day, the less lonely and depressed they were and the higher their self-esteem with a conclusion of feeling closer to friends and family."There's lots of debate about whether spending time on social media is bad or good for our well-being." When the word social media a negative thought pops into our mind it may waste of time,or relationship misunderstanding and which leads to sad mood.But we've found it might not be as bad as we think.For the study purpose, the research team picked 200 users, 158 women and 42 men with an average age of 24, found that the average reported daily use of WhatsApp was around 55 minutes, with people using it because of its popularity and group chat function.


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