Types of Computer Viruses


To state the obvious, computer virus is a type of malicious software (also known as Malware) that is especially designed to creep into a computer’s system and alter it by replacing the codes of Its’ operating system with its' own. By doing this, a computer virus gets hold of the authority to make changes into the software, functions, and applications of the targeted device and can even delete and encrypt data. Many of the modern Computer viruses are designed with Obfuscation (meaning the language that is hard to understand) which makes them easy to go undetected by the antivirus and antimalware software since this software cannot comprehend them and therefore cannot be sure if they are viruses.


This feature of virus is a topic of concern because it calls for drastic measures to tackle the hackers and ensure the privacy of the users. Browser Hijacker A kind of virus that spreads into your computer system and holds way for other malware to come in. This malware includes adware, spyware, and keylogger which will only further damage your device or even the network and put you under great threat of becoming a victim of a cybercrime. Mostly the users who have no knowledge of these viruses show negligence towards the security of their network and devices.


Below are some of the most common ones. Stealth Virus This virus has the ability to change the codes that are capable of detecting the presence of it in the system. It is a powerful virus which alters the virus scanning process and makes it blind to some of the programs, mainly in which it is present. Resident Virus Resident virus makes a home for itself in the Random Access Memory (RAM). Since it resides in one of the most important parts of the device, it has access to files and programs which it corrupts and interference is caused in the operating system.


Direct Action Virus These attacks are sometimes warred against the big organizations and in the battlefield, there are always a few soldiers who are used for initial violent attack. Direct Action Virus is equivalent to those soldier in the battle from the hackers' side. This virus attacks files with exe. and .com formats and poses no serious threat in comparison to other viruses.


These are easily removable. Web Scripting Virus This virus holds similarity with the hyperlinks and corrupts video codes on websites and since it is the easiest to spread virus, many of the popular and widely used websites have been victimized by it. Code containing comments are left on the comment sections that remain unnoticed by the detection process. Thus, spreading quickly and effortlessly.

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